ESSS Committee 2015/16


Meet the new ESSS committee members for the year 2015/16

President- William Townsend


Hi, I’m Will. I come from a small town in Surrey called Banstead, and I will be the president of your Student Society for the next year. I’ll be helping to organise events and making sure that everything within the society runs as smoothly as possible over the next year. I’m on the Conservation pathway of the course, as I enjoy working with animals and the effect of human activity on ecosystems, as well as the various interactions of organisms within ecosystems. I hope to go on to a job in environmental consultancy.


I look forward to making this a great year for the society, and I’m always open to ideas on what we can do to improve everyone’s experience. My email is, so feel free to contact me if you have any opinions or could use help or guidance in your first few weeks.

Secretary- Emily Kinsella



Hi, I’m Emily and I’m the secretary for the ES committee this year. My job entails booking rooms for meetings and events, taking the minutes of meetings and handling the society’s email account. I’ll be here if you have any questions about the society, in particular if they’re about membership or the fabulous ES course hoodies.


Treasurer- Kayra Salih


Hi, I’m Kayra the Treasurer of the ESSS committee this year and my role is to ensure that as a society we can pay for everything that we need to. I’m going to ensure that we put our capital to great use to make this year fantastic for all of ES. I’m originally from London Essex (yes, both!) and I’m on the biodiversity and conservation pathway. I also enjoy all things creative and make jewellery and pottery in my spare time. Feel free to contact me about anything ES or non-ES related at . I hope to meet you all soon!


Conservation & Sustainability Officer- Nicole Boakye


Hi guys, my name is Nicole and I’m one of the conservation & sustainability officers this year along with Will Greenwood. I’m currently on the Sustainable Management pathway, with particular interests in energy and waste management. My role is to try and promote sustainability within and around the University through exciting volunteering events, including conservation trips to help out the local environment. Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for events, or if you have any questions about uni in general

Conservation & Sustainability Officer- William Greenwood


Hi all! I'm Will, and I'll be one of the two Conservation and Sustainability officers (along with Nicole) on this year's Environment Science Student Society. Our job is to run some brilliant bi-weekly trips to do hands-on conservation work with other groups and trained professionals in conservation. It'll be really good to have lots of your come and along, as not only are these trips great fun and good for helping you relax and get to know other people on the course, but also provide excellent examples of work experience. We'll also have a few other cool events on throughout the year to keep you guys busy and entertained! All these trips will be advertised both in your lectures and the weekly seminars - looking forwards to meeting you all!

Social Sec- Harry Bugeja


Hey guys I’m Harry, one of your social secs over your first year in ES. Mine and Cams jobs are to make sure that this first year is one of the best years of your lives. There will be lots of nights out and socials which are during the day too to make sure you all get involved and all have something which interests you. We hope that you guys will not only get to know your own year, but also years 2 and three, and even the masters students. I’m open to any questions you have with regards to your first year, not only to do with socials so don’t be afraid to drop me an email anytime!

Social Sec- Cameron Little


Hi, I’m Cameron and I’m one of your social secs, so I’ll be organising a lot of the socials over your freshers weeks and throughout the year. Most of these will involve consuming alcoholic beverages, but if drinking isn’t your thing then there’ll be a number of socials during the day such as BBQ’s and paintball and what not.

Sports Sec- Katie Allen


Hi I'm Katie and I am your ESSS Sports rep for this year! I am a second year student on the Aquatic Environments and Resources pathway. If you play a sport, or are interested in trying a new one, just send me a message and I can put you in contact with the right people! There are dozens of sports available to try, and joining a sports team was the best thing I have done since coming to Uni - could not recommend this highly enough!! We are also planning to have a football, netball and ultimate frisbee team entirely comprised of Environmental Science students this year who will compete in intra-mural events against other subjects! I will be looking out for people to captain these teams, so if that is of interest to you then again don't hesitate to get in touch! There is also a possibility of more intra-mural sports teams, so please suggest what sports you would like to see represented by ES and if we get enough people interested I can make it happen! Have a great year freshers!

International Officer- Rodrigo Batistela


Hello! My name is Rodrigo and I am your International Officer. I come from Brazil and I have been in UK for nine years now. In that time I worked in different sectors and attended to Science Foundation Year and progressed into Environmental Science degree. I am on Sustainable Environmental Management pathway. Energy from renewable resources are one of my passions. As your International Officer I will organise events where we can get to know each other better and discover interesting stuff of British culture. As I live here for some time I will try to update you of some local and nice places for entertainment and good classic English pub meals. I will also try to help you if you would like any advice about the course itself or if you face any problems. I believe we all will have fun and nice time and I am looking forward to meeting you all. Thanks

Student Liaisons- Daisy Murray


Hi Freshers! My name is Daisy, I am your Student Liaison Officer and it is my job to make sure everyone in Environmental Sciences feels a part of our society. We want to make a really big effort this year to ensure everyone is included in decisions about E.S.S.S, so if you have any suggestions, questions or just want to talk- I know all too well how daunting university can be- feel free to drop me an email ( Good luck and enjoy first year!

Media & Communications- Kirsty State


Hello everyone I'm Kirsty, your media and communications officer.  I am on the Environmental Change pathway and, whilst at university, I have become actively involved in the BEES programme where we carry out ethical and environmental audits for local companies.  I love to dance and enjoy performing in shows and competitions as part of dance societies.  My role in the committee is to run the ESSS twitter and facebook pages as well as this website! I'll let you know the latest environmental news and opportunities that are happening around campus and the Southampton area.  If you have any questions feel free to message the facebook page (University of Southampton Environmental Science Student Society) or tweet us @UoSES. Hope you enjoy freshers and good luck for the year!

Southampton University Environmental Science Student Society

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